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Author - John Intek

Working on your ideas and dreams is tantamount in leading a fulfilled life. Paper Dolls Magazine is one of those challenges that is rewarding is so many ways I cannot describe. Meeting some of the industries most beautiful, down-to-earth women has definitely been one of them.

We are entering Fall of 2013 and are preparing for our hottest issue to date. I dare not give away the concept because I know others will try it before we do. What I can say is that it will be themed, super sexy and require me and Ponyboy to push the boundaries of our talent and conceptual abilities. I have been designing my entire life for clients and this project is my coup de grâce.

The first issue we lead off with The King of Diamonds issue with an 8 pages article on Nicky Oppenheimer of De Beers Mining and the Anglo-American Corporations connection. We touched on the impact that the diamond industry has had on the subcontinent of Africa and we even showed you a picture of the giant hole that can be seen from space. Blacks dug that out mostly by hand. We are not interested in fictional tales of secret societies, Bohemian Grove and rappers placing little owls on clothing or people making pyramids with their hands. That is the stuff of folk lore and legend. We are talking about facts, stocks traded publicly and a connection between the spheres of influence that the West comprises. (Europe, North America & Austrialia.) The illuminati shit are stories rappers paint to sell albums. A connection a disenfranchised people are attempting to make with a Eurocentric birth right that goes no deeper than the melanin in ones skin. Invest in your future, your skills and no longer be held by paradigms of the past.

Our featured article this Fall is an 8 page think piece on deceased Libyan Strongman Mummar Gadafi and the creation of a gold Dinnar across Africa and Arabia. The implications of moving against the petrodollar of the West. Economic hit men and the despots final toppling. For the first time ethnic models can be featured next to content that matches their beauty. I turn up but I also turn on Bloomberg tv and stay in the loop with Betty Liu. I advocate all of our readers to learn something new, think outside of the box and see what is going on around us as many people globally are being marginalized. Hands down we are providing stimulating content and beautiful models to match.

The one constant in this life is change and if your are not moving forward you are moving backward. We will not be young forever, people change and beauty fades but while these women are remarkable works of art we are going to capture their beauty and immortalize it for all of time. Plus be really fucking smart doing it.

Thank you for your support,

John Intek
CFO Paper Dolls Magazine



Author - John Intek

Featured Backdrop Model – Kandis Love
Photography – Ponyboy

First and foremost John Intek and Bernard 'Ponyboy' would like to thank all of our supporters, models, writers, photographers, stylists, make-up artists and fans. Everyone is asking when will we be releasing our first magazine. The truth is we have designed two full editions but we have been deliberating whether or not we would go to print with the magazine. We brought in two outside consultants who have extensive experience in marketing. The first consultant was Jeff Eaton from Eaton and Associates who has a background in business management and is often cited as a mathematical genius by many professionals. He is a stern consultant, a man who speaks directly and when put at the helm of a task gets shit done. Jeff Eaton was familiar with the project, he looked at the numbers and right off the bat Jeff said "Print is dead". The next thing that Jeff proposed was we take the magazine to a pure digital platform and release the book online. We resisted Jeff because both I and my partner have backgrounds in printing and had constructed a business model that incorporated the future technologies but we were still holding on to an old medium that was once profitable. Jeff did not take long to say that if we moved in the direction of print the endeavor we would likely not succeed. We continued working on web development and design structure of the actual magazine itself. Something resonated in Jeff's words but we were still not convinced. Jeff packed up his attaché and kept it moving. He is heavy into corporate sponsorship so he suggested once we turned the corner on the idea he would be back and provide assistance at that point.

Mind you these guys don't come cheap, they don't work for free and they are no nonsense. Thanks to established business relationships they leant their time and expertise.

The project kept developing while my partner Ponyboy kept shooting models. This guy knows women, knows the camera and frankly he went through a photographic glamour magazine shootout Renaissance. This guy captured more beautiful footage then any normal photographer and utilized his model contacts, make-up artists, grips and talent to keep marketing the project on social media while kicking off a fierce street level campaign that made this project a household name. I did not understand the power of social media but Bernard kept insisting we keep promoting. I fought him on that and he proved to be victorious. He was right. He promoted the shit out the project, kept talent under the lens and kept me chopping up footage while designing the project to perfection. I am glad he won on that bet. None-the-less we still had one more consultant to come in and analyze the venture.

Our lead financial writer, Casmir Paterson, brought in Elbert George Clayton, III of First Stage Leverage, Inc. to look at our business model. Elbert has done some serious consulting for Silicon Valley companies, Fortune 500's and grass root start-ups. Elbert setup in the conference room and had us break down a flow chart. After looking at the structure he was next in line to suggest that the magazine eliminate printed copies due to the internet and digital books being the current trend on Amazon and online sales projections. He showed us numerous instances where larger companies were actually creating Paywalls and eliminating print all together. Things were starting to make sense. At this point we realized that the project would be offered for digital download and online memberships for advanced content to VIP users.

The project has occupied a great part of my time, vision and talent but the ride has been exciting, fun and has allowed us to make dreams a reality. Paper Dolls Magazine is proud to announce the release of our digital download Black Tape Issue April 2013.

Thank you for rocking with us,

John Intek
Lead Designer, Videographer & CFO of Paper Dolls Magazine

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