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THE RESULTS ARE IN: Paper Dolls Magazine is proud to announce the top six finalist for the Carribean Queen Contest. Each Paper Doll was matched against eight respective models and the viewers were allowed to vote. The finalist for The Paper Dolls Carribean Queen Contest are Green Eyed Mami, Jenny Rey, Red Rum, Sinna, Denisse Murillo and Isyss. This is the final run-off for which model will be flown to the beautiful island of St. Thomas located in the Virgin Islands. She will be picked up by limosine where she will be greeted with a dozen roses and and driven to her destination hotel T.B.A. where a bottle of Ace of Spades will be waiting in her room. From there our winner will be given her shoot itenary for 3 days and nights. The finalist will also recieve a Black Magic Cinema video shoot in 2K resolution. Our winner will receive an edited DVD of her experience in this all expense paid shootout. All travel accomodations will be provided by our official travel agency www.SoundoffTravel.com. Before leaving our island paradise the winner will receive a spa treatment courtesy of Paper Dolls Magazine to make her flight back to the States perfect. Congratulations to the finalists. We have each finalist posted below and we would like our viewers to select which beautiful Paper Doll will go to St. Thomas.

Carribean Finalist


JENNY REY (Chicago)
SINNA (Miami)

RED RUM (Chicago)




OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES: Contest only applies to Paper Dolls Magazine Models who made it through the first first tier selection process. Poll results are provided courtesy of InnIndia.com. All models who participate are not related to any owner of Paper Doll Magazine or its employees. The model who wins will be given three weeks notice prior to winning the contest for her departure dates to sync staff for the trip. All models will be notified by April 1st, 2013 that they have become a finalist in the Caribbean Queen Contest. All taxes are applied in this all expenses paid shoot. Airfare is covered for the winning contestant from destination city. A pasport is not needed to travel to the Virgin Islands if you are a United States Citizen. Please 1 vote per visitor.

MODELS IN THE NEWS: Congratulations to Paper Dolls Allstar Sinna for her role in Strip Club Queen's Atlanta. The new series will be premiering featuring all the excitement, paper and pain that goes into the world of a true exotic entertainer. Sinna is one of the most photogenic models under three lights and her work ethic is pure. She is an outgoing gogetter and has always been a step ahead in her fashion sense. When Sinna shot for the Black Tape premiere digital issue she did the black tape but she also showed up with a rhinestone bikini that shut shit down. Her shoot was so damn hot we had so show this poetic dancer in this glittery outfit. Note: she is one of the only featured models in this issue that we allowed to do that. To see more of her spread download the Black Tape Issue online. Sinna is the realness and very sexy to say the least. Some women do not have a real personal style, Sinna is not one of them. Almost ahead of her time in the dancing game Sinna brings a couture edge and a strong body. This light complected damsel offers alot of ass, small top and firm thighs. When she goes into character she brings alot of natural charm. There is going to be alot of shaking, toasting and high drama in this season premiere.

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StripClubQueens Marquee



PRODUCTION FOR AQUA FALLS DVD BEGINS APRIL 15th: Paper Dolls will be taking the aquatic experience to the next level with choice models with impeccible bodies. While building the Black Tape Issue we shot some test footage in suanas, showers and pools. This time we are re-entering the shoot with high definition video that will be capable of handling the pressure associated with water shoots and electronics. With new equipment in hand we are excitied to move forward with the most exciting DVD release project yet. Aqua Falls will not be packaged in your standard DVD case, instead we are chooing to design our own special self-contructable box with a mini-book featuring models from the DVD shoot along with a Paper Doll Sticker and DVD. Ride around this summer with this playing on your car DVD players or enjoy the footage in the privacy of your home or office. The release event will be held this summer pool side in Las Vegas with the VegasBoyz.com Memorial Day hip-hop bash in May. We will be in attendance for both pool parties. Models interested in shooting for the Aqua Falls DVD & Las Vegas Release contact: johnintek@paperdollsmagazine.com


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