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All of the models featured on this page are the Paper Dolls All-Stars. Paper Dolls All-Stars are models who are actively interacting with the brand and working on exposure projects, features and shoots.

Jesiica Sienna Paris Milan Kandis Love
Fendi Red SinnaWideCell Rayvn Rydher
Tia BB Pinup Coco Bugatti
Elke Courtney Uslander Platinum Dior

Beautiful, sexy, elite, exotic and entertaining all describe the following Paper Dolls All-Stars models. Each one of these ladies represents a unique element of beauty all her own. We have provided you with a diverse selection of women with looks to match. Paper Dolls Magazine is a culmination of the visual eye of Pony Boy, legendary glamour photographer and John Intek, skilled designer and visual expert. Together Paper Dolls was born. Their goal is to present beautiful women with an edge and flair for glamour modeling, set on an urban runway with unique content from the financial sector and articles that feed your intellect. Paper Dolls models are meant to stimulate the senses. Enjoy the fatest rising digital publication on the internet. Our digital download issue is scheduled to be released in April of 2013. We are also offering VIP membership to our members, where you can get a private taste of heaven on earth for the price less than pulling a $20 bill out of the cash station. From vixen to girl next door, Paper Dolls Magazine is seeking to fulfill fantasies. We feature models with awesome figures, proportions that are off the meter and highlight the ladies sexiness where they can show off what makes them unique. Our models are showcased in a forum that is cutting edge, intelligent and allows them to be seen with content that is A+.

John Intek & Ponyboy

Strawberry Mita Vain
Oh So Bella Tangy
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